Saturday, November 04, 2006

vote for america jones.

greetings, voters, citizens, whoever you are. as we near
our elections here in americana, i would like to take this
opportunity to remind you to vote for america jones wherever
you vote next.

in this age, when our environment is over-saturated with media
technologies and powerful messages of conflicting values and
intentions, it is becoming harder than ever to figure out where
major-ticket candidates stand. it would seem the only remedy for
this is a greater simplicity. therefore, by campaigning on the fascist
ticket, the message of america jones is rendered most articulately:
"vote for me once and you'll never have to vote again."

beyond the obvious appeal of this message to the convenience-
oriented sensibilities of americanians, it would be foolish
not to acknowledge that, despite the bad rap fascism has picked
up in recent years, voting for a third party candidate is an
important way to register one's discontent with the two-party
rule that seems, of late, to have jammed up our fine democracy
so profoundly. if a voter should becomes apathetic and simply
choose to give up on voting, that voter's apathy becomes
defeat, and that voter's discontent remains unheard and

at the end of the day, this is the beauty of america jones:
by bringing together the apathetic with the fanatical,
america jones becomes a uniter and not a divider. america jones
represents compassionate fascism at its finest.

so remember when you head to the polls this tuesday november 7,
and every time you head to the polls confused or disenfranchised
or with a bone to pick: a vote for a fascist is a vote for

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