Sunday, September 11, 2005

environmental remediation

new orleans destined to become our nation's largest parking lot? in these parts brownfields are generally capped with parking lots or other impermeable surface to prevent stormwater from carrying pollutants to other sites. in some cases wealthy private developers will pay the cost of environmental remediation, which often includes covering the cost of stripping topsoil and engineering elaborate systems of stormwater management that keep polluted runoff out of the sewer system (lest pollutants accumulate in underground pipes and toxicity levels gradually increase over time).

how will anybody living in new orleans ever be able to grow vegetables in their gardens with all the toxins soaked into the soil? do people in a devastated city have a right to have that city back? on the federal taxpayer dime? in a part of the country prone to such weather patterns? on a patch of land no less vulnerable? it seems somehow quixotic to me all the money spent draining the city as fast as possbile, all these people standing around in temporary shelters as if they'll ever get to go back home. we need a resettlement program, and if the president keeps talking about rebuilding, the cost of the spending package could be valued in lives lost to preventable deaths due to poverty, inner city violence, cost of healthcare, or unsafe highways across the country.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

newscast conspiracy avoidance complex

it would be nice if there were more soldiers at home to keep order in new orleans

how many more lives will it take for the cost of gas to top $10

credit economy deathtax

at least the cost of hybrids will drop when they become cheaper than filling up at the pump
so we can really stop pumping all this shit into the ozone

- unless the cost of hybrids are fixed

something about god giving us lesson in the misery we make,
a little bit of military occupation right here at home...
or a corporate ropes course in refugee camps,

... and what about those radio dishes the government can use to control the weather
(called haarp, located in alaska; they work by bouncing low-frequency radio waves off the ionosphere
and when multiple dishes are used in concert
can be calibrated to focus electromagnetic radiation
with precisely modulated pulses
out over the ocean
which is 2/3 the surface of our planet (but
where nobody's television reception will
be disrupted...)
(sort of how microwave ovens work,
by using electromagnetic radiation
at specific frequencies
that cause specific types molecules to resonate,
harmonicaly (water and fat molecules, in the
case of microwave ovens)

the world trade center was the site of the cia's largest
domestic operation outside of dc...
at least the terrorists restricted themselves to picking
military targets.

the word "freedom" only appears in the constitution once;
the word used by the founding fathers was "liberty,"
which held for our fathers (as 18th century aristocrats)
a technical philosophical meaning.

freedom is what we as individuals possess in a state of nature.
freedom is nasty, brutish, and so limiting as to be practically
worthless. by entering into a social contract (the constitution),
we relenquish our freedom in favor of liberty.

when our president tells us
how great freedom is
while he chips away at our liberties
he is fucking us in the ass
with a gun to our head
while he tells us how much
we are loving it.

if language can be corrupted
then language can be used
to corrupt.