Wednesday, September 20, 2006

the united nations has too much diplomacy and not enought strait speaking.

maybe the united nations isn't useless...
maybe the u.n. can give the world a forum
to school the united states on the destructive
effects of our present american governance and

perhaps if the media paid more attention to the
united nations, the united nations would become
more important. in an era of increasing
globalization, why are there hours upon hours
of local news coverage on broadcast television,
but only five minutes a week broadcast on the
united nations?

it doesn't seem like most americans understand
that when we talk about troop levels in iraq
we're talking about 140,000 us troops fighting a
war in a plot of land not unlike texas,

or that israel is the size of new jersey

or that americans are not lazy, but work more
than any industrialized people on earth

or that, adjusted for inflation and growth in
productivity, the federal minimum wage is worth a
quarter what it was just a few decades ago

maybe the only way americans will wake up
is if other nations put us in our place.

if other nations want americans to wake up
other nations must understand that our
ignorance is far too lucrative for our own
government to give up without a struggle...

america is in dire need of charity.

we need other nations to show us art,
to subsidize our learning...

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