Thursday, April 13, 2006

thinking ain't illegal yet.

too many white americans are afraid to face the truth that institutional racism is not only real, but requires more than opening up one's wallet to address. we need to open our hearts, to see that there is not just white america, black america, hispanic, asian, etc., but privelaged, underprivelaged, and oppressed america.

the fact is that those in power have an incentive to keep the privelaged anesthetized with a constant onslaught of costly entertainment, and to keep underprivelaged and oppressed working three jobs while raising kids and still stay poor: if enough americans had enough time to sit around and think about what is going on around them, it would be so painfully obvious that the ignorant privelaged couldn't live with themselves.

a well educated populace is the greatest single threat to a fascist regime.

there are third world living conditions all over here in america.

thought is not free.

sacrifice is not just a word used in political speeches.

psychology is not a marketing strategy.

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